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City Girls' JT Clears Her Name Of Drug Use Following Yung Miami Being Accused Of Trafficking Pink Cocaine In Diddy Lawsuit

JT is clearing her name of any wrongdoing regarding all the allegations coming out regarding Diddy, including accusations that she obtained drugs from the hip hop mogul and wannabe gangster.

via: Vibe

Yung Miami was recently accused of trafficking “pink cocaine” for Diddy as part of Lil’ Rod’s amended lawsuit. The internet narcotics then tried to link her City Girls comrade JT into the mix by saying she uses drugs, and the “No Bars” rapper was not having it.

Fans resurfaced a clip from a 2019 interview where they heard a suspicious noise and believed that JT was snorting something off-screen. “So that’s where JT getting that sh*t from? Makes perfect sense now,” they wrote, referring to her getting the drugs from the Caresha, Please host. She took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to quickly shut that narrative down.

“First of all I was in the half way house being drug tested EVERY night I went in!” she wrote. “I explained this YEARS ago I NEVER did cocaine & never will it actually destroyed my family! Y’all get on [here] making jokes about sh*t for sh*ts & giggles & don’t know ppl post trauma! Stop playing with me! PLEASE.”

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