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Columbus Short Claims That Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Unalived Himself Due To A Bad Business Deal

Actor Columbus Short took to social media and decided to spread a conspiracy theory in regards to why he believes Stephen 'tWitch' Boss took his own life.

On Wednesday, Short, 40, posted a video where he started off telling his followers, “You don’t know what people are going through. You know, people made investments. People knew a lot of things.”

He continued, “This is just a theory … people are awful. tWitch was amazing … is still amazing. His legacy shall live on. But, what if you invest in something that took your whole life savings? Possibly. Yeah, it gets rough.”

“I don’t want to speak too much on it,” he said. Short proceeded to name an individual who he claimed owed him money. “I’m not going to kill myself. Pay me my money,” he demanded.

Many were quick to tear Short to pieces. They expressed that they felt he was pushing nonsense without any evidence to back it up.

Model Melyssa Ford ripped Short in the comments. She wrote, “How do you make this man’s death a “Me” moment? Seeing how many folks have projected their s--- onto this situation to talk about themselves reveals the collective inadequacy we have in dealing with our society’s mental health crisis. SMH.”

Others left behind clown emojis as a sign they found him to be a joke. Reality star Bobby Lytes tore into Short’s message and the filter he used to film the video. He said, “I’m sorry I was a little thrown off by this foolish filter I couldn’t focus on the message. Just plain childish, and weird.”

“Have some decency,” said another person upset by the video.

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