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Craig David Reveals He’s Been Celibate for Two Years — and How It’s Helped His Career

Craig David has revealed that he has been celibate for two years as he took a step back from intimacy to 'heal his own issues'.

The “7 Days” singer, 42, appeared on Friday’s episode of “The TMZ Podcast,” where he revealed he’s been celibate for the last two years and it’s helped him reach his creative peak as an artist.

“When I did the first album, ‘Born to Do It,’ I was 17 years old. So these were all aspirations,” he said.

David shared that he decided to “park” his sexual appetite because he wanted to explore what his life would be like without the added pressure of being physical with any partners.

While the British singer confessed he wasn’t looking to explore celibacy for the work status, it has been a bonus.

“In a funny way, as much as I was like, ‘Wow,’ to myself for a moment, it just felt that creativity has been on a hundred, on a max for those two years,” he explained.

David was originally scheduled to make an appearance in Las Vegas as a performer at Usher’s Lovers & Friends festival on Saturday.

However, the festival was canceled at the last minute on Friday evening “due to dangerous weather predicted for Saturday,” leaving festival promoters in hot water after concertgoers were notified about the abrupt cancellation.

Although David won’t be able to grace the stage in Sin City, he has several other shows lined up for his “7 Days” tour.

On Monday, the “Fill Me In” crooner is slated to hit the stage at the Masonic in San Francisco, followed by a show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on May 8.

David’s tour will wrap up in February 2025 in London.

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