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D.L. Hughley Drags King Harris For Disrespecting His Parents T.I. And Tiny

D.L. Hughley has given his two cents on T.I.'s latest family drama. Claiming to have known the Harris family "for a long time," the comedian has nothing but praises for the couple and solely blames King Harris for his "insulting behavior."

via: Complex

TMZ caught up with the actor and comedian at LAX to ask him what he thinks of King telling T.I. and Tiny that he had a tough childhood. Hughley immediately dismissed the idea.

“I’ve known T.I. and Tiny for a long time, and I’ve watched how hard they work and I watch how hard they value their family," he said. "And to have somebody that you work so hard and sacrifice for, to shit all over your memory and accomplishments for clicks is insulting.”

D.L. continued, “When we grew up, we actually grew up in the circumstances they romanticized about, and if it were that great, it was the inspiration for T.I. getting out of there and Tiny getting out of there. Yes, it inspired them artistically, but … no parent would want their children to have it as hard as they did. When we grew up, we were poor, but … what you couldn’t do is tell a Black woman that her kids were dirty or that they weren’t taken care of.”

He then insinuated that King is a nepo baby: “And that’s exactly what [King’s] doing now. He’s insulting the effort they put into raising him," he added. "Just for clicks—for what? … You’re only famous cuz [T.I.’s] famous.”

A longer clip of King and T.I.’s altercation surfaced later on Sunday night, which showed King claiming that he grew up in a “bando” at his grandmother’s house and lived with roaches.

“This is an old, ancient proverb. Famous n***as don’t usually have roaches,” Hughley said in response to that claim, pointing to the fact that King was on the VH1 reality show The Family Hustle during his childhood. “If you grew up on a reality show, there was a roach on there, it was a paid actor.”

When asked if his kids have behaved the same way before, Hughley said, “My children are much older than [King] is now, and I think in the end, he’ll understand how silly what he’s doing is.”

The incident between King and his parents at Sunday’s Atlanta Falcons game was captured on video. An Instagram Live session—shot from the 19-year-old’s perspective—shows him yelling at his family, though it’s unknown what started the shouting match.

At the beginning of the longer clip, someone—who appears to be Tip—asks King, “Have you ever woke up with a roach on your face?” to which King responds, “No.”

King then asks everyone if they, “Want to go to the bando in grandma neighborhood?” He then seemingly responds to a comment about being born with a silver spoon: “I ain’t never ate with that a day in my life.”

At one point, Tiny takes the phone and says, “I’ma tell you the reason why he wanna be over there [at his grandma’s house]. … ‘Cause he can suck a pacifier over there.”

The incident escalates after King starts saying, “You cappin’ … I know you though,” before shouting, “What’s wrong with y’all? Why ya’ll doing that to me? Y’all know me, you know I stand on business. Why would you let someone play with me like that?”

T.I. is then heard saying, “You are embarrassing yourself and your family.” King starts screaming, “Get off me n***a,” before the camera is pressed up against his shirt.

The teen later took to his IG Story, writing, “I stand on business. Don’t give a fuck who you are … IDGAF who you are, mf can’t play wit me in my face. Not goin’ for da I’m a grown ass man now … If I’ma mistake say dat, stop making da world think you fw me when you don’t.”

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