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Da Brat Apologizes For Her Sperm Donor Jiminy Cricket Comments

On Thurdsay, Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart appeared on The Tamron Hall show, where they discussed the difficulties of finding a black sperm donor.

After narrowing their search from “thousands of donors down to 224” down to “about one,” the couple shared they were not pleased with the Black donors available.

“If you look like Jiminy Cricket — the one or two Black people I saw… that thing ain’t finna be looking like my child,” Da Brat said on an episode of their WE tv series, Brat Loves Judy.

Da Brat also apologized for the Jiminy Cricket comment, after she faced major backlash for her comments on social media.

People took her comment to mean she was against having a Black sperm donor, but in her interview she explained what she meant.

She “didn’t think it would be offensive to anybody. I cracked jokes about almost everybody that I saw, that one just happened to make it in the show. I wasn’t trying to be mean or say anything negative about Black people.”

“I guess they thought it was funny and I didn’t think it would bother anybody or else I would have taken it out. I had no idea people were going to be so offended, but I meant no harm whatsoever,” the “Funkdafied” rapper said. “People take things and run with it. I’m like, ‘What?’ People who know me know that I didn’t mean any harm.”

“We were looking for a Black donor,” the she clarified. “We’re Black, we wanted a Black donor. So it was just misconstrued and taken way out of context.”

Da Brat went on to apologize for the comments, saying, “If I offended anybody, I do apologize. But it was a joke between me and my wife and the doctor, like, we joke like that, we play around so it wasn’t meant to be offensive in any way.”

I totally got what Brat was saying when she said it. People have to stop being so damn sensitive and thinking in monolithic ways. Everything isn't a direct stab to an entire community.

Check out the interview below...

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