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Da Brat Says She Had A Rough Time Finding A Black Sperm Donor For First Child

Rapper and media personality Da Brat, who is currently pregnant with her first child is opening up about her experience, and says that she and wife Jeseca 'Jusy' Shupart had a tough time finding a suitable sperm donor.

via: Vibe

In a new interview with The Root, the couple explain why they went with a non-Black sperm donor, revealing that there is a shortage of Black donors to choose from.

After starting with a few thousand candidates, hundreds were ruled out based on things revealed in Judy’s genetic screening. At the end of the day, the pair only had 300 potential donors, and only one of them was Black.

“And that [dude] looked like Jiminy Cricket,” Brat laughed. “I was like, ‘I’m sorry but that wasn’t gonna be my choice.'”

The pair ended up going with a white donor, “Because we didn’t have a lot to choose from,” the Chicago MC revealed. “He definitely wasn’t Black. But I think we did a great job with picking. He’s handsome, he’s tall and I think he’s going to look beautiful with my wife’s egg.”

Dupart also took to Baller Alert’s Instagram comments to enlighten those who believed the couple simply didn’t want a Black child.

“TO BE CLEAR – for all those that are not aware of the MANY things we weren’t aware of, here it is: black men make up less than 5% of the donation pool. Furthermore with genetic testing (that is SPECIFICALLY for looking into the diseases that humans carry ) and inputting my stats in ALL of the cryo banks -it went from THOUSANDS to about 300 and of that only 1 was black – and he also unfortunately wasn’t a perfect match.”

She went on, “So we actually waited a few weeks to see if the pool increased – but unfortunately with the time frame we had to choose within 6-8 weeks and there was no more new black donors that fit within the perfect fit with my genetic testing. Hopefully this HEADLINE that people are running with will EDUCATE more people that there’s a HUGE gap in the sperm pool. Everyone have a great rest of your day.”

Da Brat announced her pregnancy in February and revealed they’re expecting a boy the following month.

While Brat could have kept the Jiminy Cricket comment to herself, her bringing her sperm donor experience up on social media is definitely something we should be talking about.

Why is it that there is a shortage of black male sperm donors in the US? Is it due to poor health? Is it because black men would rather pull a Nick Cannon and knock up as many women as possible instead of donating their fluids for a good cause?

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