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Daniel Tosh Scolds Luke Macfarlane For His Controversial Childhood Crush On Mark Wahlberg

Out actor Luke Macfarlane recently appeared on the Tosh Show with Daniel Tosh for a Christmas special presented by Hallmark. During the interview, the Bros actor revealed that he once had a celebrity crush on Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg, which prompted Tosh to throw a little shade over his problematic past.

For those unfamiliar, when Mark was 15-years-old, he was charged in 1986 for chasing three black children, pelting them with rocks, and shouting, “Kill the n****s.”

Two years later, Wahlberg physically attacked two Vietnamese men in separate occasions on the same day, leaving one unconscious.

The first attack found him guilty of violating his victim’s civil rights, the second charged him with attempted murder.

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Luke Macfarlane opened up about past crushes, his history with the Hallmark Channel and his starring role in Billy Eichner‘s queer romcom Bros during an interview with Daniel Tosh.

The 43-year-old actor sat down for a lengthy conversation on the Tosh Show podcast.

During it, he spoke candidly about the 16 movies he’s done for the Hallmark Channel, touching on everything from the types of roles he’s starred in and the pay. Luke even weighed in on controversial actress Candace Cameron Bure who left the network and if the network actors are competitive with one another.

He also reflected on the misfiring of Bros, which was a darling with critics but failed to net success at the box office. On the topic of the movie, he revealed one NSFW scene that cost $30,000 but was cut from the final script.

Luke was also playfully put on blast for one of his childhood crushes during the interview.

On Bros…

Luke mentioned Bros, noting that “it tested really, really, really well” but did not live up to expectations in terms of box office success.

When Daniel pointed out that he thought the movie struck a balance between raunchy humor and heart, Luke weighed in on how they hit that balance.

“Billy‘s a really big fan of the movies from the ’90s. You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill. I think his sensibility is much more of the sort of like big openhearted romcom, and Judd [Apatow, producer] and Nick [Stoller, director] are like jokes, jokes. I thought it was a really successful hybrid of those two things, and I think that he did what he wanted to do,” he said.

Luke also referenced a scrapped scene where he was supposed to rim Billy‘s character. They spent $30,000 creating a replica of the actor’s butt only to not include the scene in the movie.

On the Hallmark Channel…

Luke spilled quite a bit of tea about the festive network during the interview.

He said that the network’s stars were “kind of” competitive with one another, noting that they will compare the time slots that their movies get. The ideal time for movies to come out is around Thanksgiving with Halloween being too early and less ideal.

After starring in Netflix’s festive romcom Single All the Way last year, Luke admitted that his paycheck was “smaller” than what he gets from the Hallmark Channel.

As for how he was able to do the movie, he explained, “I’ve had sort of overall deals with them, and in them I commit to five movies, but I can’t work for any other network. And they name all the other networks, and they can’t be holiday related movies. So I was able to do that because I was outside of my deal with them.”

The actor confirmed that the Hallmark Channel did pay well, but residuals don’t come until a movie has aired for a while and is a hit.

When Daniel criticized some of the movies that get released for other holidays, he explained, “It’s part of when you’re in the stable. You’ve gotta pay your dues. You’ve got to do fall. You’ve got to do Valentines.

On working with Candace Cameron Bure…

“I will admit that I was nervous to work with her, but she could not have been more lovely,” he said, adding that they never broached Luke‘s sexuality.

Candace jumped ship and moved over to Great American Family Network, and we rounded up what other Hallmark stars have had to say about the move.

On crushing on Mark Wahlberg…

Daniel wanted to know if Luke ever crushed on Luke Perry, prompting him to admit that he actually had a thing for Mark Wahlberg.

“I was, you know, Mark Wahlberg,” he said, with Daniel instantly appearing shocked and calling him out and dubbing Mark “a racist” with “a hate crime under his belt.”

This was in reference to a 1988 encounter where he was arrested after beating a man. In 2014, Mark’s victim revealed that he had forgiven the actor and wanted him to be pardoned for the crime.

Check out the full interview below...

No shade, but I'm sick and tired of the "moral police" with their fake PC outrage coming out with their pitchforks to reprimand people over what they like.

When I was a kid sorting through my confusing attraction to guys, I had a crush on Marky Mark as well. Back then we weren't aware of why Mark was arrested or how he felt about gays and black people.

All I knew back then was of this buff "rapper" with this "bad boy" persona strutting around in his underwear, and was modeling for Calvin Klein.

People are also allowed to evolve from who they used to be, especially with Mark coming from Boston. Yes Donnie was in New Kids, but that wasn't my boy band since I come from the era of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

We need to stop chastizing and making people feel embarrassed over their past crushes, and look at how things were back then versus what we know now.

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