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Darius Jackson Files Request for His Own Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Keke Palmer

Darius Jackson has filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order against Keke Palmer, seeking his own protection from the actress.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, the 29-year-old claimed that the “Nope” star — with whom he shares 9-month-old son Leodis — was “verbally and physically abusive” toward him during their two-year relationship.

During one incident, which allegedly took place in August 2021, Jackson, 29, claimed that an “agitated and aggressive” Palmer, 30, “punched” him in the face at a birthday party.

He claimed in the docs that her friend Lenoria Addison was present and “tried to stop” the former Nickelodeon star from allegedly hitting Jackson.

The dad of one then attached screenshots of alleged text messages from Palmer where she apologizes for “hitting” him.

“I am sorry for hitting you,” the message read.

In another incident from October 2021, Jackson claimed in the court documents that the “True Jackson, VP” alum “violently gripped” his arm and demanded he stay with her after he tried to go to a nearby restaurant to watch a football game.

“We exchanged a text about this incident, and I sent her a photo of the marks she left on my arm that night,” he stated in the docs, along with an image of the marks on his arm and alleged texts from Palmer in which she said, “We’re DONE,” and called him “childish.”

In March 2023, the former fitness instructor claimed that the mother of his child had been drinking alcohol and blamed him when the drain was not working properly in the bathroom.

Jackson claimed the “Hustlers” actress called him a “bitch, a punk ass, and a loser.”

“I tried to de-escalate the situation and she became more enraged. I left the house to avoid further conflict. That night, she sent me several emails,” he claimed in the docs, attaching copies of the alleged emails from Palmer as evidence.

Jackson stated in the docs that he and Palmer — who began dating in July 2021 — officially ended things in early October 2023.

After their split, he claimed that he went over to the movie star’s home to pick up their son, however, Leodis was not there when he arrived.

“I went upstairs to ask [Palmer] where he was,” Jackson claimed in the docs. “She was on the phone with her mother on speaker and refused to answer where Leodis was.

“Her mother immediately directed threats and profanities at me. I recorded the conversation because I could sense that [Palmer] was becoming verbally and physically abusive.”

Jackson also included a transcript from the recording as evidence, in which Keke’s mom, Sharon Palmer, referred to Jackson as a “punk” and alleged that he and his family had “mental problems.”

Page Six reached out to Palmer’s rep for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Jackson’s filing comes more than a month after Palmer was granted a temporary restraining order against Jackson after she claimed that he physically abused her.

Under the order, Jackson is required to remain at least 100 yards away from both Palmer and Leodis, whom they welcomed in February 2023.

The “Alice” star was also given temporary sole physical and legal custody of the infant with no visitation for Jackson.

The couple’s issues became public when Jackson publicly shamed Palmer for wearing a sheer Givenchy dress and thong bodysuit to see Usher’s residency in Las Vegas over the summer.

Riddle me this? Why would Darius need to file for a restraining order when Keke took one out on him first? Just honor the original restraining order in place and figure out how you're going to spend time with your son.

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