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David and Victoria Beckham’s Marriage Reportedly Deteriorated Into a ‘Distant Business Relationship,’ New Book Claims

David and Victoria Beckham have been open about the ups and downs in their marriage over the years, but according to author Tom Bower, their relationship was once so on the rocks, they lived separate lives and had minimal communcation.

David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage has allegedly deteriorated from genuine romance into a “distant business relationship,” according to an explosive new book from author and former BBC journalist Tom Bower.

In The House of Beckham, which is expected to be released next week, Bower claims that the famous couple began engaging in a “media war” as their relationship hit a rocky patch in the wake of rumors that the soccer star had an affair with Dutch model Rebecca Loos.

“Reflecting the acrimony between the Beckhams, the two publicists began to compete rather than collaborate to promote their own client,” Bower wrote in one passage, per The Herald Sun.

“Both fed negative stories about the other side to their favourite tabloid journalists,” Bower continued, adding that the fallout from the ensuing battle in the press “was like a nuclear bomb had gone off.”

They reportedly continued to clash in 2016, when David was working in Miami while Victoria was building her fashion label and taking care of their kids in London. “During London Fashion Week that year, she asked Beckham to return to London for a dinner… By the end of the celebration, she must have wished he had stayed in America,” Bower wrote. “Some whispered that the two had been embroiled earlier in a foul-mouthed row.”

Another major argument came at Glastonbury in 2017 after David and his entourage partied with models until 5 AM. When Victoria arrived at the festival the next day, “she headed in a golf buggy through the scruffy campers to the VIP zone. She was furious that her husband had failed to reply to her telephone calls. Eventually, David appeared. Within seconds, they were embroiled in a ferocious argument.”

Bower’s book paints a very different picture to the loving relationship that was portrayed in the recent Netflix docuseries Beckham — and that may have been the plan.

Despite their issues, the couple reportedly made the joint decision to present a united front and maintain the “illusion of a happy family” for the public. “They stuck together to support the Brand,” according to Bower.

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