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Desperate Beyoncé Fans Launch GoFundMe To Raise Money For Renaissance Tickets

Beyoncé fans are so desperate to get tickets to her highly-anticipated Renaissance World Tour, that some have launched a GoFundMe as a way to cover the costs.

via Unilad:

Now, we all know GoFundMe can be a great way to raise money for causes that matter to people most, whether that be to help cover the costs of expensive but vital medical treatment or recovering the savings of the restaurant owner who was duped by Fyre Festival.

Although there's no rule to say you can't crowdfund for concert tickets, it's generally considered to be in poor taste.

But that hasn't stopped people from taking to the platform since Bey dropped the news.

Fans have been dying to see the legendary singer ever since she concluded her Formation tour, which was the last time she held a bout of solo shows.

Following an exclusive event in Dubai and the release of her 2022 album Renaissance, she'll now be kicking off a world tour this year with dozens of dates.

Not wanting to miss out on events, one person has set up a GoFundMe with a modest goal of $300. And to be fair, they've managed to raise $225 so far.

In the description, the organiser wrote: "Hello I'm Jamaal and yes it is that serious. This is the only life experience I care about living before I die.

"I will get those front row tickets either way but this way is safer than selling my kidney on the black market.

"All jokes aside just being in the building would be the most amazing thing ever.

"So help a brother out if you can. Remember cents turn into dollars. Every little bit helps. Thanks guys in advance."

Although some might frown upon the idea of using GoFundMe to pay for tickets, the uploader has received plenty of love online, with one writing: "Concerts are so expensive these days. I hope you have a great time."

But another fundraiser has set the heftier target of $2,000 while saying they 'haven’t missed a Beyoncé concert yet'.

She wrote: "Hello my fellow Beyhive, family, and friends. 'Listen'…I would love your financial support in sending me to Beyoncé World Tour 2023.

"I haven’t missed a Beyoncé concert yet, but I got 'bills, bills, bills'. Financial contributions will go towards my Renaissance ticket, travel, and wardrobe (IVY PARK|Park Trail) to get me in 'Formation'.

"Tickets go on sale and Ivy Park clothing release dates are in February and I need to 'Cuff it' since it’s my Birthday month.

"I will be forever grateful for any contributions. This experience would be 'Irreplaceable'."

Despite her strong pun game, she's only raised $55 of her $2,000 goal so far.

The problem here is that even if they get the cash to cover it, there's no guaranteeing they'll get their hands on a ticket.

After all, pre-sale recently launched in the UK and fans have been left competing against hundreds of thousands of others.

One person took to Twitter to write: "First the O2 Priority app was down. Now I've waited in an O2 Priority queue on @Ticketmaster website behind 200,000 people and it still won't let me access Beyoncé tickets. Waste of time."

Tickets are set to go on sale in the US from next week – here's hoping this doesn't turn into another Taylor Swift debacle.

So instead of you actually getting up off your ass and working an extra job, or launching an Onlyfans, you want regular people to donate their hard-earned coins to help get you to go see your favorite artist?

I'm sorry, but in the real world if I want to go away on trips, or see multiple concerts, I do what I have to do to make sure I have the money to pay for it.

If I have to get more than one job so that my bills are paid on time, and I have a little extra money to play with, then so be it. But the absolute gumption some of these selfish ass fans have asking strangers to donate money so that they can go to an overpriced concert just sends me.

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