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Diddy Accused Of Trying To 'Blackball' Producer Who Refused Sexual Advances

Diddy Is being accused of more depraved activity.

Diddy‘s videotaped assault of Cassie coming to light has brought out yet another allegation against the mogul, this time by producer Amir “Prince” Motamedi.

Prince, who has worked with the likes of French Montana, Waka Flocka Flame, and Julian Marley, took to Instagram on Friday (May 17) to share his story.

He described a time in 2011 when he was speaking to Diddy about what he described as a “deal” involving French Montana.

The Bad Boy head “took a pass at me,” Prince said. He elaborated later on in the post, saying: “Diddy tried to blackball me because I didn’t suck his dick.”

“13 years I’ve been exposing this man. no one believed me till now,” he captioned the post. But he pointed to the recent footage of Diddy and Cassie, which he assumed would make people change their tune.

“Yall seen the videos today,” he wrote. “Yall should have listened to 2Pac. Word to 50 Cent.”

50, who has been attacking Diddy on social media in recent months, noticed Prince’s post and shared it on his own IG account.

“I don’t know, this is so bad,” he captioned it. “A lot of people aren’t saying anything because they are in them tapes.”

All of this was set off by disturbing footage aired by CNN on Friday (May 17), in which a man identified as Diddy can be seen in the now-closed InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, running from his hotel room, wearing nothing but a towel.

The video, of an incident took place on March 5, 2016, then cuts to Diddy grabbing Cassie by the neck and throwing her to the floor. He then kicks her repeatedly, grabs her personal items away from her, then kicks her once again before running back to his hotel room.

The “Me & You” singer then tries to use a hotel phone to call for assistance, which prompts the Bad Boy mogul to once again shove her down to the ground. He’s then seen sitting on a hotel chair, still wearing nothing but his towel, and throws what appears to be a vase in her direction.

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