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DJ Akademiks Cries After Saucy Santana Threatens To Beat Him Up And SA Him, Queen Latifah Weighs In

DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana have been embroiled in a pretty heated feud as of late. Overall, it all started after Akademiks made some unsavory comments about the City Girls. In particular, he went after Yung Miami and accused her of perpetuating homophobia. Eventually, Santana got into the mix and things escalated very fast. In fact, Santana even threatened to rape Akademiks, which subsequently led to some heated discourse on social media.

via: Vibe

The podcaster broke out into tears during his recent livestream after a series of videos where he called Santana a “batty boy” and “co*k sucker.” Ak’s slander prompted the “Walk” rapper to request a “street” fight from him, and threaten to “f**k [him] in [his] a**.”

Amid his spill, the NJ-native began to cry as he explained how beefing with Santana was “triggering” his past and moving him to believe that he’d get “canceled” and labeled a “homophobe” if he said the wrong thing.

“When I see a ni**a like Saucy Santana, it’s rubbing on the mere fabric of what I really grew up on,” Akademiks explained in his stream. “It brings me back to a hateful part of my life that I really try to get past. I’m not tryna get canceled to f**k up what we got going on. I’m never tryna get canceled saying the wrong thing — I know what we got going on, I love it.”

“I’m trying not to get canceled,” he went on to an unnamed man that could be heard in the background. “But this sh*t does bother me. Put it like this: with everything we’ve talked about, I’ve never cared about — I don’t care what rapper got at me, bro. Ever. But really, there’s certain sh*t I really don’t f**k with in my life that I will never do.”

Speaking to how sensitive America can be when it comes to touchy subjects, his voice began cracking as tears came down his face. He said, “But I’m in America, I gotta sit here and just act like I don’t f**k with certain sh*t. I don’t like it. Just please. I hate certain sh*t to the soul of me. I’m only pretending because if I say what I want to say, I will never be here for y’all. But I don’t want to be that person.”

Ak’s criticism of the City Girls, specifically Yung Miami, is what sparked his and Santana’s feud. The podcaster called out Miami in an interview with Vlad TV for being hypocritical — as she uses gay slurs with straight men, and her bestie Santana identifies as gay.

Hip hop icon Queen Latifah shared her thoughts on the feud between Saucy and Akademiks, and here's what she had to say:

The Queen has spoken! Yung Miami also added her two cents in the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s repost of what appeared to be Akademiks crying. She wrote, “I was in tears when he laughed and was trolling about my car getting shot up while I was six months pregnant.”

Hold up, so Akademiks can go around bullying and harassing women on his platform for years, but the minute a gay man threatens to violate his booty hole without the use of Albolene he wants to push out tears like a Blaren?

I'm also sick of people saying they want to give their real opinion, but they're afraid that if they do they will be canceled. As someone who occupies the same podcasting space as Akademiks, I am all for exercising your right to free speech and voicing your opinion.

However, people like Ak like to hide behind the first amendment by spewing bigotry and hate and that's where the repercussions comes into play.

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