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DJ Akademiks Says Drake Called Him Up Over SZA Insults

After being dragged (and rightfully so) over his misogynistic comments towards the City Girls, Akademiks revealed Drake got him all the way together over his comments towards SZA.

via: Complex

DJ Akademiks sat down with DJ Vlad and discussed the For All the Dogs rapper personally hitting him up in defense of SZA.

During a Rumble stream in August, Akademiks went after the SOS artist with insults about her weight and alleging that she had cosmetic surgery. The insults came after SZA reportedly blocked Ak on social media after he shared an image of her wearing a bikini on Twitch and discussed her BBL.

“When Drake called me [about SZA] I was like [what?]” said Ak, to DJ Vlad. “Drake was like, she’s a very close friend of his. It was a very friendly call. He was just kind of trying to see what I thought about it because he was like ‘Ak, I rock with you too.’ They were doing the album at the time and he was like, ‘She’s affected by things like that.’”

On For All the Dogs, SZA guested on “Slime You Out” (which had a somewhat messy rollout) and follow-up single “Rich Baby Daddy” featuring Sexyy Red.

Ak continued, “And I guess he was just like, ‘There’s gotta be some middle ground here,’ and I just was like, ‘Honestly, that was an axe I had to grind from a couple years ago. I got it off and I don’t got no issue with her. I love her.’ And I actually went back on my platform and said, ‘Listen I’m sending you nothing but love and light and I’ll continue to do so.”

Ak’s Rumble stream, which saw the 32-year-old making fun of SZA’s hairline and calling her a “fat mini Lizzo” caught the attention of the singer’s manager and Top Dawg Entertainment President Terence “Punch” Henderson. In a since-deleted tweet, Henderson wrote, “Man I’ve been so conflicted the [past] couple of days as to address this dude publicly or not,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I’m not playing no internet games… He have (sic) to answer for those disrespectful things he said about SZA.”

Ak responded on Rumble, calling Punch an “older n***a who claims he’s a ‘thug.'”

In 2017, Ak didn’t seem to have issues with SZA in person on Complex’s show Everyday Struggle, although he later said the “Snooze” singer-songwriter wasn’t his “top vote” as the show’s guest.

In recent weeks, Ak has also gotten into spats with artists like Saucy Santana and GloRilla.

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