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Don Lemon Says Elon Musk Doesn’t Answer to People Who ‘Look Different’

The former television anchor Don Lemon’s wide-ranging, testy interview with Elon Musk was released online on Monday morning, touching upon topics including politics, particularly the billionaire’s recent meeting with former President Donald J. Trump; Mr. Musk’s reported drug use; hate speech on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter that he now owns; and more.

Lemon fired back at Elon Musk on Sunday, one day after the mercurial tech billionaire compared him to Veruca Salt for complaining about his now-defunct deal with X. In an interview with People, Lemon ripped into Musk’s IDGAF persona, saying the Tesla owner couldn’t handle the heat when he was asked to own up to past mistakes. “For someone who doesn’t care about what people write or say about him, he sure does care about what people write or say about him,” Lemon said. “He’s not used to being held to account. He’s not used to having to answer to anyone, especially someone like me who doesn’t share his worldview, who doesn’t look like him.” Lemon was initially brought on as part of X’s “commitment to amplifying more diverse voices,” the former anchor wrote on social media. But his deal was pulled just hours after he interviewed Musk, allegedly because the billionaire was upset that Lemon had questioned him about the real consequences of inflammatory rhetoric he’d shared.

I don't understand why anyone would get into business with that short bus slow, AI car killing, wannabe fascist in the first place?

Check out the episode that got Don's talk show canceled from Twitter below...

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