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Drag Queens Take on Vampires In New Horror Film Slay

Normally I usually stay far away from Tubi original movies, because majority of the time a lot of their films are god awful. However when I came across Slay with RuPaul's Drag Race alum Trinity "The Tuck" Taylor at it's helm, might I say I was quite intrigued.

That's not to say the film still won't be a plate of hot steaming garbage. I'm saying I like the idea of seeing queer characters - particularly drag queens at the helm of the horror genre, since that is a genre the gays identify with the most.

The movie follows four drag queens, Mama Sue Flay (Trinity the Tuck), Robin Banks (Heidi N Closet), Bella Da Boys (Crystal Methyd), and Olive Wood (Cara Melle), who accidentally book a nightclub that’s infested with… vampires.

This wild comedy looks like a hell of a ride, and the concept is giving me a cross between Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets From Dusk Til Dawn.

As long as we get to see some drag queens stake some vampires a la Buffy, I'm here for all the ridiculous messiness.

Slay premieres on Tubi March 22.

Check out the trailer below...

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