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Dua Lipa Dances The Night Away In Houdini Music Video

Dua Lipa has unleashed the visual for her brand new single Houdini, and I have to say it might be my favorite dance track to close out 2023.

I also have to give it up to her for improving as a pop star. In the beginning of her career she was trolled for being such a bad dancer. And while there are moments where her limbs look dead, I have to say she has improved significantly as a dancer.

As for the video I definitely got Madonna Confessions vibes from the dance studio setting, and Dua's red hair even pays homage to that album's era.

Houdini as a song is a whole vibe, and I have to give it up to producers Kevin Parker and Danny L Harle for giving Houdini the spark that in my opinion was missing from her Future Nostalgia dance tracks. Don't get me wrong -- I loved her sophomore album, but even though she had some bops, I just felt like they were too polished and was missing some grit.

Although Houdini doesn't reinvent the dance music wheel, based on the rollout so far I'm very excited to hear what she has in store for us with her upcoming third album.

Check out the video for Houdini below...

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