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Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly Rebuilding Her Career After Hitting Rock Bottom and ‘Hating it’

Ellen DeGeneres is embarking on one last hurrah in her stand-up career.

Once the queen bee of talk TV, Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly eating a huge heaping of humble pie as she attempts to revive her career.

Sources claim Ellen, 66, is struggling to make a comeback as a stand-up comic starting at rock bottom.

The toppled 66-year-old, who plummeted to the pits over charges her top-rated daytime talk show was a toxic workplace, is in the midst of a new comedy stand-up tour. In her latest act, Ellen reportedly pokes fun at herself and tries to make light of her shocking fall from grace.

But sources claim she’s eating crow and hating it!

“The one good part of all this is that, by returning to stand-up, Ellen actually has an outlet for some of the anger she feels about how things ended,” an insider spilled to the Globe.

“And she gets to play to her strengths, because Ellen is still a formidable live performer and can electrify an audience with her unique energy.”

But I would not describe Ellen as a ‘happy warrior,'” the source noted. “She’s wearing her grumpiness on her sleeve and being refreshingly honest about the beatdown she took during the height of her scandal.”

The tipster added, “It all makes her a lot more sympathetic to show her angry side a little bit.”

The ousted tyrant’s world came crashing down in the summer of 2020, when bombshell reports pinned her to the center of a toxic workplace scandal.

By 2022, her celeb talk show was axed as her popularity in Hollywood plummeted — despite denying the scandal. Now, she’s in comeback mode, collecting material for her tour and upcoming Netflix special.

The insider explained, “Ellen accepts what happened to her, but only barely.”

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