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Eminem Slaps GOP Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy With A Cease & Desist Letter For Using His Music

Eminem is not here for "pick me" Republican and residential trash box Vivek Ramaswamy using his music on his presidential campaign trail, and has hit him with a cease and disist.

Music rights management service BMI sent Ramaswamy’s campaign a letter notifying them that Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, had objected to their use of his compositions. The BMI attorney, Pamela Williams, also informed them that the Eminem works are works are being removed from a BMI license agreement with the campaign. The Daily Mail’s Nikki Schwab first reported on the letter.

“BMI will consider any performance of the Eminem Works by the Vivek 2024 campaign from this date forward to be a material breach of the Agreement for which BMI reserves all rights and remedies with respect thereto,” Williams wrote in the letter, which also was obtained by Deadline.

Ramaswamy drew huge attention for performing Lose Yourself at the Iowa State Fair earlier this month.

Although he tried to separate himself from other GOP candidates at last week’s debate, calling them bought and paid for, he falls into a long, long line of Republican contenders who have been hit with cease and desist letters, legal threats and lawsuit from musicians who object to the use of their works.

In this case, it appears that Ramaswamy had a blanket agreement with BMI that allowed for the use of a broad range of works, as is standard, and that the letter was notice that the Eminem works are no longer included.

A BMI spokeswoman confirmed the letter. A spokesperson for Ramaswamy’s campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

I'm going to need these Republikkklowns to stop using music of the disenfranchised and working class if you're not about uplifting your own party and the next generation of voters.

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