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Erica Mena Happy Divorce Is Finalized, But Whines About Child Support

On this weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Erica Mena was ecstatic over her divorce being finalized from Safaree Samuels, but broke down in tears when she learned that he would only be paying $4,305 a month in child support for their two children.

“Are you f–king kidding me?” she tearfully asked someone on the phone. “Now all of this financial burden with my children is on me? It’s just not fair… Like, he doesn’t have to pay nothing of it? Nothing?! This is fucked up.”

“When a man shows you who he is, you have to believe them,” Erica advised viewers in her confessional. “When anyone shows you who they are, you have to believe them.”

“That’s the f–ked up sh*t that comes with being a woman that is so ride or die about love,” she continued. “Ladies and gentleman, learn from your partner before you jump ahead and fall in love with the words and all that stuff that make up the fairytale.”

“Because when no one’s looking, that’s when things go left,” the mother of two stated.

Maybe more importantly, the reality star explained that she’s taking time to prioritize self-love toward herself in the aftermath of her and Safaree’s split.

“I’m gonna take time to love on me and pour [into] me. I want to learn this new woman that I am. This woman that has learned to emotionally be in control,” Erica expressed. “This new woman I’ve become deserves time with me, only. And I’m going to be selfish with her for a while.”

Erica commented on another clip posted on social media of last night’s episode and reflected on how much postpartum and heartbreak impacted her weight.

“Damn, look how skinny I look. Postpartum and a broken heart is no joke,” she wrote. “Protect your peace my queens. It’s so important.”

The mother of two filed for divorce in May 2021 after less than two years of marriage with Safaree.

The announcement came shortly after Erica shared she was carrying the pair’s second child. She maintains primary custody of the little ones, and Safaree owes her $4,305 in monthly child support.

Her and Safaree’s divorce was finalized in September 2022.

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