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Erica Mena Says She Didn’t Know DJ Envy Was Married Until His Wife Called Her

Reality star Erica Mena is opening up about her 2013 affair with The Breakfast Club personality DJ Envy.

via Complex:

During an interview with Carlos King for the Reality with the King podcast, the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star revealed she was unaware of DJ Envy’s marital status until she received a phone call from his wife, Gia Casey.

“That came out when I got on Love & Hip Hop, and we had just broken up because the wife found out, which I was totally oblivious to. I knew about the kids, mind you. I have a kid, but I have a baby daddy, and it’s more common where we come from to have kids, but you’re not married; you just got a baby mama,” said Mena.

She continued, “I knew about the kids, and it was always told to me [that she was] his kid’s mother, never wife. And I didn’t get that realization until I got a phone call from the wife.”

DJ Envy allegedly portrayed himself as single and showered Erica with gifts and attention, which left her in the dark. “I’m over here—I have never been in this situation. Here’s this man that’s been doting over me, showering me, you know? I’m starting to fall for him, I spent a lot of time with him. This man flew me and all my friends to Miami; we were living our best lives up and down New York City, holding hands. We were very public,” Mena added.

After Casey discovered the affair, communication between Mena and DJ Envy abruptly stopped. However, he publicly blamed her for the affair on The Breakfast Club, which left Mena perplexed since she wasn’t aware of his marriage. In early 2013, the radio DJ admitted to his Breakfast Clublisteners that he had an affair and called Casey to apologize publicly on the air.

“A couple of days later, I’m getting blown up. ‘Envy’s on-air dogging you out.’ [He said] something to the effect of how he cheated with someone that was beneath him, that whole stuff. So when that happened, I was like: okay. So this is what he’s doing? He’s trying to save half of everything.’ I get it. But why run me through the mud when you knew I didn’t know?”

DJ Envy is going through it. First he may be going to jail for allegedly stealing all them people's Real Estate money (his business partner Cesar Pina was recently arrested by the FEDS), and now his ex-mistress is spilling all their tea in an interview with Carlos King.

You can watch the full episode below...

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