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Erica Mena Won't Be Included In L&HH Special, Erica Calls Out Show For Filming Post-Monkey Debacle

Reality star Erica Mena was not asked to participate in Love & Hip Hop’s special on racism and colorism — only weeks after being fired over accusations of racism — but her rep said she would have participated.

Social media users spent much time debating whether there was racist intent behind the New Yorker's word choice or not. Some noted that it's not uncommon for two Caribbean women to speak to each other in such a manner, but others feel that it's not cool for Mena to use a word with such negative connotations when raising Black children of her own. Many of these conversations are likely to come up on tonight's (September 26) roundtable racism episode of L&HH.

A recent tweet from the show's official account confirmed that the episode will air at 9 PM, following the season finale of L&HH: ATL. "The roundtable discussed the recent events that aired on the show before MTV decided to stop filming with Erica Mena," they explained. "International colourism expert Dr. Sarah L. Webb, founder and owner of Colourism Healing" will appear with Spice, Yandy, Joc, Scrappy, Sierra, Amy, and Rasheeda to discuss the incident.

While it's nice to see at least some action taken, many fans feel as though the conversation doesn't have much point if Mena isn't in attendance. Interestingly, she's been using her own platform to put MTV producers on blast for not firing her immediately after her Spice diss, if they found it so troubling.

"Working on @loveandhiphop August 25th, 2023," Erica Mena wrote on her IG Story earlier this afternoon. "Three days after, August 29th, they aired that episode proudly. I was even being asked to shoot a scene that Monday (August 28th)." Do you think the actress should've been fired much earlier on in the Spice debacle, or does she deserve her spot on L&HH: ATL back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

This special is pointless. First of all, L&HH producers are not going to sit and play in our faces, and act like they actually give a damn about racism and colorism. They filmed an entire season, sat on Erica calling Spice a "blue monkey," and after viewers flooded social media with outrage, that's when they decided to act and fire Erica?

Also, I don't get why wouldn't you include Erica in the special when she's the one who made the derogatory comment? This should be a teachable moment, but instead like Mona and the show's statement, it feels all performative.

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