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Erika Jayne Says Denise Richards Is On Another Planet In RHOBH Season 13 Sneak Peek

After the explosive cliffhanger surrounding Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo is giving fans a sneak peek into what we can expect from next week's fallout from the new dinner party from hell (the first being the dinner scene with the ladies of season one vs Alison DuBois).

In the sneak peek, Kyle plays the victim as Sutton and Garcelle bring up infidelity rumors. They also bring up Kyle not wearing her wedding ring, her drastic physical transformation and giving up drinking.

Could it be a midlife crisis Kyle is going through? Could it be that she's finally on a journey of self-discovery and has decided to stop trying to please people?

I really wanted to feel for Kyle during this clip, but she really makes it hard as a viewer. If you're on a reality show, the job is to put all your tea out there for the consumers, especially when your storyline (something she finally has after years of asserting herself in everyone's business while spilling none of hers) revolves around rumors of Mauricio cheating on her.

I do find it bizarre that she would discuss personal things about her life with Faye, who's not a cast member, but won't address her personal issues on camera with her reality TV friends, the latter which you are getting paid big bucks to do.

I also found it strange that Kyle was looking to Faye and the new chick AnneMarie to defend her from Sutton, when as a grown woman you need to learn to defend yourself. And why the hell was Justin Sylvester's annoying ass there?

I know he's close friends with Kyle, and I believe he worked as her nanny before he became a TV personality. However, I'm sick of women using the gays as their accessories on their reality soap operas.

In the previous episode her relationship with Out singer Morgan Wade felt awkward, and I need to know what Denise Richards was on because she was three sheets to the wind.

Don't get me started on Erika and how she said I haven't worn my wedding ring for years when Kyle made the excuse as to why she didn't have on her wedding ring.

Erika was pretty much a kept woman in her marriage, and once the fairytale was over (because her old ass husband was stealing money from his clients) she was forced to figure out how to survive on her own.

Speaking of Denise, in the scene she decided to go in on Erika saying she did something to her, but for the life of her couldn't bring up exactly what it was that Erika did to her.

Check out the sneak peek below...


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