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Ex-Scream VII Director Christopher Landon Lines Up Werewolf Horror Film Big Bad As Next Project

After walking away from the embattled slasher flick, Christopher Landon has already secured his next film project.

via: THR

Lionsgate is in advanced negotiations to land the package that is based on the short story by Chandler Baker. The story centers on a family that must survive a night in an isolated farmhouse as werewolves prey upon them. The story”Big Bad” appeared in the horror collection Creature Feature, which included tales from authors such as Joe Hill.

Todd Lieberman and Hidden Pictures are producing the feature.

The project marks the first move for Landon following his departure from Scream VII. The embattled project already lost two stars when he departed. Producer Spyglass fired Melissa Barrera in the fall over social media posts she made amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, while Jenna Ortega quietly exited earlier in the year, before the actors strike began in July. “It was a dream job that turned into a nightmare. And my heart did break for everyone involved,” Landon wrote on X last month announcing his departure.

Scott O’Brien will oversee Big Bad for Lionsgate. Carly Kleinbart and Lieberman will oversee for Hidden Pictures. Alex Young is executive producing, with Lionsgate’s Robert Melnik overseeing the dealmaking on behalf of the studio.

I was really looking forward to seeing a Scream film directed by Chris, but since Spyglass wants to show it's entire behind, I'm very intrigued to see what ideas he has cooking up in regards of the werewolf genre.

I say to be shady he should also hire Melissa Barrera as his female lead as a way to stick it to Spyglass.

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