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Ex Twitter Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey Launches New Twitter Alternative Bluesky For Android

While Elon Musk is busy running Twitter into the ruins, the site's former CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey is launching a new alternative.

Bluesky, created by Jack Dorsey, promises a future-thinking “social internet” that allows users more choices and frees people from platforms, according to its website.

The app, however, is still in development and only available to access through an invite code.

Dorsey began working on Bluesky as a side project in 2019 with funding from Twitter, and it was first rolled out to iOS users in late February.

Many users have said Bluesky’s current beta version is similar to a pared-down copy of Twitter, according to Tech Crunch.

Demand for the exclusive app has been growing, and the platform reportedly has about 20,000 users in its current form, the technology outlet reported.

Moving forward, the app developers hope to give users “algorithmic choice,” which would allow them to choose how content is fed onto their screens, instead of a one-fits-all algorithm controlled by the app developers.

The emerging Twitter alternative received $13 million in funding when it split from Twitter and became its own independent company last year. Dorsey remains on Bluesky’s board.

Bluesky is just one of several alternatives to Twitter that began popping up after Musk purchased the social media giant and began making changes to both the site and the company.

Those tired of the billionaire’s antics, including mass layoffs and blue checkmark removals, turned to other options like Mastodon and Hive — and now Bluesky.

In order to access the Dorsey-backed project, users must get onto a waitlist for an invite code by submitting their email on the Bluesky website.

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