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Fans Blame Beyoncé For Chlöe’s Poor Album Sales

Fans are blaming Beyoncé for Chloe's debut album debuting on the Billboard 200 with lukewarm numbers.

After Chlöe Bailey’s debut album, “In Pieces,” only sold 10,000 album units, fans took to social media to blame her mentor, Beyoncé, for not promoting her project online.

“Beyoncé literally hates her lol didn’t do anything for the album couldn’t even give her a feature and she not even opening up for her during the tour Chloe need to leave that label,” one critic tweeted.

“Nah beyonce could’ve at least posted Chloe Bailey album on her story I mean ain’t that your artist????? ,”

“Beyoncé nasty for not promoting Chloe’s album a simple IG repost would’ve probably gave Chloe a top 50 debut,” another fan wrote.

“not to be funny, but I really wanna know what was the point of Beyoncé signing chloe? like was it for a look? so that someone can be under her? I don’t get it, cause how do you let your artist drop an album & you don’t support it not once & now she sold 10k ,” a fourth person tweeted.

Bailey’s album, which came out on March 31, debuted at No. 119 on the Billboard 200. After several fans took to Twitter labeling the project as a “flop,” the “Have Mercy” singer, 24, seemingly reacted to the criticism.

“in pieces was about letting go & trusting myself,” she tweeted Monday. “i’ve enjoyed every moment of it and i love everyone who listened to it.”

Chlöe and her younger sister, Halle Bailey, are signed to Parkwood Entertainment, which was founded by Beyoncé in 2008.

While the “Drunk In Love” songstress, 41, may have been mum about “In Pieces” publicly, behind the scenes she has been very supportive of Chlöe’s project.

“[Beyoncé] listened to the album,” the Chloe X Halle singer told ET earlier this month. “She gave me notes on it before I released it.”

“I love her so much,” she continued. “Dearly, dearly, and I’m so grateful to her for everything.”

Hopefully Bey's notes were not to release the album, because the entire roll out of Chlöe’s music in my opinion felt like the songs weren't really a representation of who she really is.

I just feel like she's trying too hard to sell the sex appeal, and her visual and musical aesthetic is giving me Beyonce eight years ago.

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