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Fans Drag Teddi Mellencamp For Refusing To Speak About Kyle RIchards' Divorce

Fans took to social media to call out Teddi Mellencamp for being a “hypocrite” because she's opted to remain silent on the allegations surrounding her BFF Kyle RIchards.

Teddi Mellencamp likes to talk about people and does so on her podcast with Tamra Judge. Remember how she treated Denise Richards during the Brandi Glanville ordeal? And she gleefully participated in attacking Lisa Vanderpump after her brother’s death. But now Teddi believes in boundaries and RHOBH fans are calling her out. Let’s go girls.

On last week’s episode of Two Ts in a Pod, Teddi declared she will not discuss the one topic people actually want her to talk about. Go figure. The RHOBH viewing audience is comprised of people who are not having it.

Teddi said, “We have one more ‘Housewives’ headline you guys, I’m sure, are expecting me to cover.” Enter every listener who is breathless with anticipation over Teddi’s following words.

She continued, “Clearly, I have a lot of anxiety, I’ve gotten a lot of messages since I’ve been gone. I’ve been on vacation.” Typical Teddi, making the situation all about her, as per usual. But if you think she’s going to rat out Kyle, keep thinking. “I just wanted to say that we came up with the decision — myself, Tamra, iHeart, my producers — that everybody has their boundaries, and this is mine,” she added.

Teddi shared, “Kyle and Mauricio and their kids are like my family. I love them so much. I understand exactly what my job is here on this podcast and it’s to go down all the rabbit holes. And I think 99 percent of the time, that’s quite easy for me because it’s people I don’t know.”

Well, she knew Denise. She knew LVP. “I hope those of you as humans understand that when it comes to true friendship, this is more than just ‘Housewives’ or scandal or drama. This is one of my best friends.” Sure Jan Teddi. And that’s when fans had enough and started clocking Tedster.

One Twitter user wrote, “That is hypocritical. You talk about EVERONE else on your pod cast and you talk about personal knowledge as long as it give you rating and make you & your freinds [sic] look good. You have said some personal messes [sic] up stuff about people. But NOW you draw a line in the sand. Fire her.” Another shared, “It’s one thing to be faithful to one of your best friends, it’s another to not do your job. If you can’t do your job – step aside for someone that will.”

Perhaps Teddi should rewatch Season 9 because boundaries have always been a thing, they just weren’t hers.

I don't get why Teddi is going hard for Kyle, when we all know her spineless behind wouldn't do the same for Teddi if the shoe was on the other foot. I just think it's ridiculous that if you're going to be in the business of gossiping on your podcast, if your "friends" make the news, unfortunately you have to spill their tea too. You don't get to cherry pick who you decide to talk about, but won't hesitate to talk about the other "Housewives" on your podcast.

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