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Fans Freak Out As Whoopi Goldberg Appears To Be Left Out Of The View Season 27 Trailer

The 27th season of The View is slated to premiere on September 5th, but a recent trailer promoting the upcoming season had fans worried one of the co-hosts wouldn't be returning.

Fans swarmed social media to voice outrage as Goldberg appeared to be left out as a main cast member in the upcoming season’s trailer.

In the 80-second trailer for Season 27, which will kick off on September 5, the show’s familiar faces were seen rambling off three words they would use to describe the long-running program.

While Joy Behar, 80, Sunny Hostin, 54, Alyssa Farrah Griffin, 34, Ana Navarro, 51, and Sara Haines, 45, were all featured front and center, Goldberg was only shown at the very end of the promo video.

For only a few seconds, Goldberg graced the screen by popping out from behind a camera. The difference was quickly picked up on by viewers who feared it meant Goldberg wouldn’t play a major role in the upcoming season, as opposed to her current role as a leading co-host four days of the week.

Confused fans made a point to call out that Goldberg was one of the main reasons they tuned in weekly.

“Uh ohhh, I don’t see Whoopi.” replied one user on X, formerly known as Twitter. Another chimed in, “Where’s Whoopi?”

While some fans were quick to point out that Goldberg was confirmed as a co-host for Season 27, viewers continued to call out their concern for her shorten appearance in the trailer.

“Ya’ll had me for a second there. I got scared that Whoopi wasn’t coming back,” wrote another X user who congratulated the ladies of The View on another season.

Others pointed out that Goldberg was the reason they tuned in. One viewer commented, “Can’t imagine the show without Whoopi Goldberg!” as they asked for clarification, Sshe is coming back too, right?”

Other replies echoed the sentiment and said “without Whoopi Goldberg I’m out.”

Lucky for loyal viewers and Goldberg fangirls, the comedian was in fact returning as a co-host, despite some calls for her to be removed from the infamous panel after a series of eyebrow-raising comments.

Despite her divisive takes on politics, Goldberg signed a renewal contract in 2021 that solidified her spot on the show through the summer of 2025.

According to Closer Weekly, Goldberg isn’t making chump change with her contract, either. The Sister Act star reportedly brought in around $8 million a year from her co-hosting gig.

Relax. If people actually paid attention to the end of the commercial Whoopi appears.

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