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Fans Want Elliot Page To Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash

With all the personal life drama currently surrounding Ezra Miller that everyone is acknowledging except for the overlords over at Warner Bros., fans are putting it out in the universe that they would like for Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page to replace Miller in future The Flash movies.

Here's what Fangirlish’s Lissete Lanuza Sáenz wrote in a tweet:

“Just want to take this moment to say Elliot Page would make a great Barry Allen, in case there’s ever a need to, you know, cast a new Flash, for whatever reason.”

Personally speaking I'm here for this change. While the Miller-starring Flash movie still has a June 2023 release date, I can't see WB spending another 100 million to reshoot the film with a new actor, so maybe they think by not acknowledging the situation it will go away, which, by the way, never works.

And for those who will have a problem with a transgender actor playing a male superhero, just know that Ezra Miller also identifies as nonbinary, so they're just as part of the queer community as Elliot is.

Should the role not go to Elliot, Dylan O' Brien is my second choice.

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