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Fantasia Barrino Says She Would Love To Replace Katy Perry On American Idol, Reflects On 20 Years Since Winning Season 3

Fantasia Barrino says she’d love to replace Katy Perry as a judge on American Idol.

Appearing on the red carpet of the show’s season 22 finale on Sunday (May 20), Tasia not only gave this year’s victor Abi Carter some words of advice but also reflected on her own journey since being crowned the competition’s champion.

“It doesn’t feel like 20 years. Every time someone says that, my heart drops,” she shared. “[But] there’s been good, there’s been bad, but I was so young, and so my thing is I want to let the young people [on this season] know… make sure you have a great team and enjoy it. Don’t take it too serious.”

This isn't the first time Fantasia has thrown her hat in the ring as a possible replacement for Katy.

Walking the red carpet at New York’s Lincoln Center on April 25, the season 3 “Idol” winner told Entertainment Tonight (ET), “You know, I’m gonna be honest, I would love to,” Barrino said. “I think that those kids, when they’re coming into the game, I think that they need somebody to come in and not only show them how to sing a song but how to handle the business, because it’s a lot.”

She continued, “So just having somebody to say, ‘Hey, make sure you have this, make sure you have that, okay sing this song, sing that song,’ getting to know them, their upbringing. ‘What makes you want to sing? Why do you love this? Why do you want this?’ So, I would love to do it. I would be up for it.”

While I haven't watched AI since Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen, I will say that Fantasia would be perfect for the long-running singing competition.

Future contestants would be able to relate to a judge that actually walked a mile in the shoes they're walking in to become the next American Idol.

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