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Faux News Spent Over 2 Hours Discussing Pride Merch At Target, But Seconds On Child Sex Abuse Case

That sounds about right. The bigots over at Faux News spent a whopping two hours acting like snowflakes while covering Target selling Pride merch, but neglected to truly get down in the gutter regarding a story about child sex abuse in the Catholic church.

via THEM:

“While Fox repeatedly fearmongered about this supposed threat to children, the network almost completely ignored the reports of sexual abuse in the Illinois Catholic Church, airing only one segment on the attorney general’s report,” Media Matters researchers found.

Most other broadcast news networks reported on the story, of course, and some aired comments from survivors of the priests and brothers’ abuse. “We were treated with such disrespect by a church that was supposed to love and cherish us and honor us, and they didn’t,” journalist and survivor Dan Ronan told NPR on Saturday. “And then they covered it up.”

But while an expose on the Catholic Church’s even-more-horrifying history of grooming and abuse would run contrary to Fox’s right-wing editorial edict, accusing Target of doing the same thing — as part of a supposed conspiracy to “trans your kids” — is exactly what their audience and funders want to hear. “The repeated targeting of pro-LGBTQ products and sentiments,” like Target’s Pride merch or Ron DeSantis’ ongoing war with Disney, are “thinly veiled as defenses of children’s innocence, fit into Fox and right-wing media’s larger homophobic campaign to conflate the LGBTQ community with grooming and child abuse,” the Media Matters report explains.

Here’s how right-wing disinformation blew up into a protest against the company’s annual release of Pride merchandise.

Of course, Fox News isn’t news, and its hosts don’t make a point of caring whether they’re hypocrites. But even though Fox executives are likely just focused on bolstering their share price, pushing nakedly anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda has real-world implications and puts lives at risk. Target stores reportedly seen conservatives knock over Pride displays and threaten workers since the controversy over its pride collection began. Members of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) reported last weekend they had also received threats on their offices and staff after being attacked in anti-trans Fox coverage.

Why should anyone be surprised that Faux News is in the business in dividing the country, and spreagind propaganda to their lunatic viewers? Of course they believe queer people are evil, sex-obsessed groomers, and drag queens are trying to corrupt their children, but the minute their favorite sexually-repressed priest diddles with their child's twig and berries behind closed doors they want to overlook that.

“Fox News and other right-wing media outlets are putting queer people in danger,” said GLSEN executive director Melanie Willingham-Jaggers in an Instagram video on Friday. “They’re spreading false information and trying to silence us [….] We will continue to rise up.”

Don't let the propaganda cloud you from the truth. These people don't give a damn about any child's safety. If they did we'd have stricter gun laws.

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