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First Look: The Penguin

Here's your first look at the upcoming Max series The Penguin, which features The Batman star Colin Farrell reprising his scene stealing role as the Gotham City gangster.

via Deadline:

Colin Farrell reprises his Batman villain in this eight-episode DC Studios drama series that continues The Batman epic crime saga that filmmaker Reeves began with Warner Bros. Pictures’ $771 million-grossing global blockbuster last year. As we told you last week, The Batman, which repped Warner Bros’ return to full theatrical releases coming out of the pandemic last year, netted a profit of $177M.

The first footage of the series, which is in production per Casey Bloys, has the look of a dark Sopranos, with Farrell playing a full-on crime boss. We see him swooning a brunette over dinner, limping and climbing subway stairs and boldly shooting someone from his smoking chair (“You step out of line even once, I’ll gut you like a goddamn fish,” exclaims Penguin).

“You ask yourself, what kind of life do I want?” says the Penguin in a voice-over. “The world isn’t built for guys like us; that’s why we have to take what’s ours.”

New DC bosses Peter Safran and James Gunn have made it clear that Reeves’ Batman is part of their else-verse, which is not part of their phase one “Gods and Monsters” DC universe. Reeves’ feature sequel, Batman II, is hitting cinemas on October 3, 2025. Safran and Gunn have their own Batman in the works, The Brave and the Bold, which follows Bruce Wayne and the spitfire, renegade son he didn’t know he had: Damien Wayne, who takes on the alias of Robin.

I have seen The Batman at least four times already, and I absolutely loved Matt Reeves' take on the caped crusader. While I will always have a soft spot for Danny DeVito's Penguin (since that character is part of my childhood), I'm definitely impressed with what Colin did with his take.

Definitely excited to see what they plan on doing with the series when it premieres later this year.

Check out behind the scenes footage below...

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