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Florence Pugh Hit In The Face With Random Object During Dune: Part 2 Panel In Brazil

It looks like musicians aren't the only ones who have to dodge items getting hurled at them on stage.

via Complex:

On Sunday, Pugh and her co-stars paid a visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to promote the upcoming film.

Video shows Pugh alongside Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler and Zendaya, when out of nowhere, an item that appears to have been thrown from the audience hits her in the eye. She picked up the item as her castmates checked up on her and exited the stage.

I swear people these days have no class. Something seriously needs to be done about this, because it's getting out of hand.

Musicians have to worry about ignorant people throwing things at them while performing, and now actors can't do a panel without worrying about being attaked?

What if the thrown object caused permanent eye damage?

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