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Foxy Brown Shades Lil Kim For Saying Memoir Pre-Sales Are Bigger Than The Bible

Foxy Brown has crawled out of her slumber to throw some shade at longtime nemesis Lil Kim.

Foxy has seemingly made fun of Lil Kim over the latter’s claims her autobiography The Queen Bee is going to sell more copies than the Bible.

While Kim received a lot of mockery after her public claims, her one-time nemesis Foxy Brown has now appeared to offer her own take.

In an Instagram Story, Brown simply wrote: “BIBLE” along with a laughing face emoji.

Find the post below.

The two initially started feuding in the late ’90s as two of the highest profile women in Hip Hop. There was later a shooting incident outside a New York studio, and Foxy Brown has continued to diss Lil Kim on record and in interviews in the years since.

Kim initially made her comments about outselling the Bible last week during an Instagram Live, saying: “When we post our pre-sales, we be surpassing the Bible.”

She added: “And that’s crazy. And the thing is, it’s like the Bible, like I don’t take that lightly. I already know that. But it’s like some crazy shit going on behind the scenes.”

Kim then alluded to having issues with the publisher of her memoir: “You have to be really careful when you deal with these book companies because they try to, like, literally take advantage of you.”

For context, the Bible is considered the highest selling book of all time and is believed to have sold between five and seven billion copies worldwide since it was first published.

The best-selling memoir of all time is The Diary of Anne Frank, which is estimated to have sold around 35 million copies since it was first made available in 1947.

As much as I love Lil Kim I have to admit I did cringe a bit when she made the bible comment. Do people even buy bible's anymore when you can just steal them from the hotel?

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