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Friends Of Wendy Williams Concerned Over Leeches In Her Inner Circle

Word on the street is that friends of media personality Wendy Williams are reportedly concerned over the company she's been keeping in her life at the moment.

“Wendy does not have many real friends, but the few that are coming around are causing some concern for the people that do truly care about her,” a source tells Page Six.

The insider added: “The real concern is when she has people over her house. She has jewelry and designer purses laying around.”

Page Six recently confirmed that Williams is selling off her personal belongings in her NYC penthouse.

“Wendy is not in the best state of mind so unfortunately people will take advantage of that,” the source told us.

Williams spent two months in rehab last year for treatment, after relapsing from alcohol amid other health issues.

Page Six recently reported that Williams is drinking alcohol again — because she is celebrating a “new lease on life,” her rep told Page Six exclusively.

“She is happy and wanted to celebrate as she has a new lease on life,” her rep said of a recent night out.

Back in March, she was photographed drinking at power eatery Fresco by Scotto in Manhattan, before making her way to the gay bar the Townhouse.

As Page Six exclusively reported, a “lonely” Williams was spotted drinking at the famed restaurant, where she was overheard telling her group that she was determined to “get drunk.”

Page Six also recently confirmed that the former TV host has made plans to move to Los Angeles and is in the process of cleaning out her penthouse.

Williams’ rep told Page Six of her apartment situation, “Wendy is getting rid of items for spring cleaning, this is what people do this time of year. It’s a new chapter for Wendy and she wants new things. This is a common gesture people do and Wendy is no different.”

But an insider insisted, “Wendy is really lonely right now and that combination — plus her major bankroll — is not a good combination. Everyone is not coming to the table with good intentions. Back in the day this many people would have never be around her, much less coming over to her home.”

Page Six broke the news in 2022 that Williams had checked into rehab for substance abuse issues. After nearly two months of treatment she went back home and said she was “better than ever.”

The former daytime talk show host has several projects in the works, her rep has said, including a podcast and a potential new series.

At this point, I've been covering so many stories regarding Wendy I don't know what to believe anymore. I will say I believe this story, because I've been saying for the longest that the people surrounding Wendy do not have her best interests at heart.

When you have empty nest syndrome, and have a minimal amount of friends, when you're under the influence all the time your judgement can be pretty clouded.

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