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Funky Dineva Addresses Flame Monroe Beef, Claudia Jordan & Messy Tea-GIF

Things are getting messy between the people over at Fox Soul, Claudia Jordan and Funky Dineva

It all started when Claudia Jordan went live on social media answering fan questions, and talked about Funky leaving Fox Soul. She also stated he should stop taking jabs at Fox Soul in case he decides to change his mind and wants to return to the show.

She also did an interview with the Consciouz TV, where she talked a bit about growing up biracial, Funky leaving Tea-GIF, Cocktails With Queens being canceled, and joining RHOA among other things.

However, it seems to be that the beef is deeper that what's been alluded to, because Funky did a live on YouTube at 8pm, the same time Tea-GIF airs their show.

Funky was clad in a short bob shake-N'-go wig and pink lipstick on his lips spewing the latest hot topics. Around the 45:00 minute mark he breaks character and scolds someone in the chat who believed he would be spilling tea about why he really left the show.

Throughout the stream he did throw subliminal jabs at Fox Soul, and also stated that in 2024 he was no longer allowing people to play in his face, and that there have been shady things going on behind the scenes of Fox Soul that the fans aren't aware of.

I know he says he doesn't like getting in the middle of mess, but I'm going to need for Funky to get down in the dirt and name names, because what ended up exposing Fox Soul for the messy stunt queens they really are is that they've invited Funky's nemesis Flame Monroe this week as a guest co-host.

Funky did say on an episode a while back that the only way Flame will ever co-host Tea-GIF is if he's not there. Low and behold that's exactly what happened.

Now that the internet streets are talking, Funky made another video today addressing his beef with Flame, and how Tasha K called him with Flame on the line asking if they wanted to squash their beef and if she could record the conversation.

You can watch that video below...

What Funky is doing clearly seems to be working, because as of this writing his live has 195k views while Tea-GIF sits with 30k views. So it goes to show that Funky doesn't need Fox Soul to succeed - it was a nice way for him to expand his portfolio.

At the end of the day they're going to need Jesus to come down from heaven and sit in Funky's vacated seat if they want to match his numbers.

As someone who has been following Funky Dineva's career long before I ever heard of a Claudia Jordan or an Al You Doin', I'm officially done with Tea-GIF and I'll be going back to fully supporting my blogger sister Dineva.

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