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George Santos is Now Offering Cameo Videos From His Drag Persona Kitara Ravache

Despite previously denying that he used to perform in drag even though there is photographic evidence, George Santos says he's going to make Cameo videos as his drag persona, Kitara Ravache.

Mr Santos took to X on Monday morning to announce that Kitara is now available for bookings on the video platform Cameo.

“Y’all weren’t ready for this drop? I’ve decided to bring Kitara out of the closet after 18 years!” the former congressman and serial fabulist wrote along with a link to the site.

On Cameo’s website, the description for Kitara Ravache reads: “Hey you messy bitches! After 18 years in the closet I’m back for a limited time!”

The announcement marks a notable u-turn after Mr Santos previously denied ever performing in drag competitions in Brazil under the name “Kitara” in the 2000s.

The claim first emerged in January 2023 when Brazilian drag performer Eula Rochard, 58, told Reuters she first encountered Mr Santos in drag at the first gay pride parade held in Niteroi, near Rio de Janeiro, In 2005.

She added that she remembered seeing him compete in a drag beauty pageant in 2008 in Niteroi.

“He’s changed a lot, but he was always a liar,” Ms Rochard told the outlet at the time. “He was always such a dreamer.”

Mr Santos dismissed the claim as “categorically false” and “outrageous”.

By December 2023, however, he was singing a slightly different tune, saying that he had dressed as Kitara “for a day when I was 18 years old“.

“If I was a career drag queen then, like everybody likes to claim, then I must be a myth of a drag queen now… I wear far more makeup today,” he said in an interview shortly after he was expelled from Congress in December.

Now, he seems to be fully embracing his drag persona — and willing to profit off of it.

This isn’t the first time he has turned to Cameo.

Following his expulsion from the House of Representatives in December, Mr Santos launched an account on the platform.

He quickly claimed that he “made more money in seven days than I would have made [in] an entire year in Congress”.

Mr Santos became the subject of mockery over the venture as Jimmy Kimmel sent in video requests asking him for videos about a dog named Adolf and a man eating six pounds of loose ground beef.

When the former congressman took the money and made the videos, Mr Kimmel shared them on his late-night show.

Now, Mr Santos is suing the show host over the matter.

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