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George Santos Reveals He Makes Over $80,000 A Day On Cameo

According to George Santos, he's making more money on Cameo than he was making in political office.

Next September, George Santos will stand trial for nearly two dozen federal crimes prosecutors have accused him of committing; if convicted, he faces more than 20 years in prison. That’s the sort of prospect that would keep most people up at night but it seems, at the moment, the recently expelled representative is living his best life.

Less than two weeks after being expelled from Congress, the former New York representative is now making money hand over fist recording personalized videos on Cameo, for which he is now charging an astonishing $500 a pop, a 566.67% increase from his original asking price of $75. Last week, Semafor reported that he was on track to make more money in a few days than his annual congressional salary of $174,000. Now it appears the demand for Santos content is so great that he will make many, many multiples of that. Over the weekend, he reportedly told people at a party on the Upper East Side that he had 140 orders on Friday at $599-a-piece, which translates to $83,860 a day. (It’s not clear when or why Santos cut his rate from $599 to $500 but perhaps he was overcome by the Christmas spirit.)

While Santos was spotted out with friends—including repsresentatives Lauren Boebert and Byron Donalds—at the Beach Café on Saturday night, he was apparently so busy churning out videos that he declined other social events. “I’d been working,” he told Page Six, explaining why he did not attend a New York Young Republican Club event earlier in the evening. “I electively chose not to go [to the gala] this year…I need to make a living because I have a family to support and feed.” (He also, obviously, has legal fees to pay. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.) In one of his recently recorded videos, he tells the recipient, “Chris, you sick psycho, you want me to yell at you? Are you out of your mind?”

While a source claimed to Page Six that Santos “bought pizza for everyone in the joint” on Saturday, the ex-lawmaker, who may or may not have restitution to pay in the future, denied doing so, saying: “I did not buy pizza for 35 people…it’s not true, it’s a lie. I ordered two $20 pies…for me and my friends.”

Sometimes I shake my head at the fact that it always seems that the worst of the worst tends to always get over and make a lot of money, while honest people continue to struggle. Quiet as it's kept I'd rather he make the money via Cameo than Onlyfans.

Then again, he's known to be a compulsive liar, so who knows how much money he's actually making.

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