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Georgia Police Dragged for Releasing Mugshots Of 5 Men Caught In Park Cruising Sting Operation

After being called out, East Point GA PD chief Shawn Buchanan has released a formal statement following criticism of the department posting the mugshots of 5 mean who were caught in a county park sting operation, for public indecency and loitering for prohibited behavior.

The police department released the names and photos of the suspects on their official facebook page. After heavy criticism, the department has since removed the post and issued a formal statement to address allegations that the mugshots the department posted on their Facebook page was rooted in homophobia.

“The East Point Department does not engage in discrimination or harassment of any group or class of people.”

He continued, “the issue at one of our most popular parks has caused the community around that park to live in fear. Parents can not walk their kids in the park….the park has somehow made it onto a nefarious website known as a meeting place for illicit sexual behavior. We have made arrest, upgraded patrols, and assigned officers all to no avail. We post pictures of arrested person as a last resort effort to discourage illegal behavior and activity.

Chiiile, don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining. You clearly knew what you were doing by posting their mugshots, and your actions were to embarrass the men.

And Gaye magazine is beyond messy for posting their mugshots on their instagram. They also received backlash, and uploaded an updated article where the arrested men's mugshots were blacked out.

Then I read the comments, and someone implied that two weeks prior 12 white men were arrested in a Atlanta park for soliciting, and none of their mugshots were released.

I get the police have a job to do, but in regards to this story the way they went about the arrest as well as how the story was reported is problematic.

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