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Gio Benitez’s Husband’s Thirst Traps Caused Issues With 'Good Morning America' Execs

So apparently execs over at Good Morning America had cause for concern over GMA Weekend host Gio Benitez's husband, entertainment TV correspondent Tommy DiDario, who loves posting thirst traps on his Instagram.

It's said the cause of concern was raised before they made the decision to promote Gio to his weekend co-anchor position.

But sources claimed his equally handsome husband Tommy DiDario’s half-naked photos on social media caused a stir with execs before the decision was announced, has learned.

An insider said, “How do you tell your model husband to put some clothes on and stop posting thirst trap pictures when that’s what he does for a living?”

The source said before Gio was named weekend host, “Gio loves his sexy husband, but ABC execs aren’t so smitten. After the cheating scandal with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, the last thing the show needs is another X-rated drama!”

Benitez and DiDario became engaged in 2015 and were married in 2016.

Back in April, DiDario posted a heartfelt tribute to his husband. He wrote, “We moved in together after 3 weeks of meeting. We got engaged 8 months later in Paris. And then we got married 6 months later surrounded by friends and family in a beautiful old avocado grove. Life is too short to not take chances. Happy 7 year wedding anniversary, @GioBenitez.”

On Valentine’s Day, he posted a photo of them together captioned, “Thanks for indulging my love for scary movies, getting me addicted to a nightly square of dark chocolate, not getting mad that I have a crush on @jlo and for letting me go to town on a dance floor with any willing participant worthy of a #DancingWithTheStars performance. Lucky to call you my Valentine today and the other 364 days of the year.”

Benitez has worked for ABC News for over 10 years.

As previously reported, TJ and Amy have been out of work since leaving Good Morning America in January. Sources revealed the two have been shopping around a talk show with them as co-hosts.

However, an insider claimed the major networks were not interested in the pitch.

Since Gio’s promotion, Tommy’s IG has definitely been “cleaned up” a bit.

Gio is fine, and Gio's husband is fine. If my man wants to be all over social media taking photos of himself looking good and showing off his physique, I don't see a problem with that. What my man does should not reflect what I do as a TV personality.

Also, if this story is true, execs need to calm down since the photos allowed on Instagram are pretty tame. They don't play when it comes to photos or video deemed X-rated.

These execs need to take the stick out of their ass and let people express themselves. It's not like a sex tape between Gio and Tommy leaked on the internet (although I wouldn't mind seeing that).

As for TJ and Amy, while the exposure of their affair was definitely juicy grist for my mill, I don't think they're interesting enough to carry a talk show past the first week.

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