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‘GMA3’ Anchor DeMarco Morgan’s Skin-Tight Biker Shorts Reportedly Cause a Stir With ABC Execs

ABC’s DeMarco Morgan has set the internet on fire with photos of himself wearing a pair of skin-tight bike shorts. But while the comments show that the people are loving it, his bosses at the network aren’t exactly thrilled, according to reporting by the New York Post.

via: NYP

The Post reported Wednesday that ABC News brass have raised alarms over the photos of Morgan posing in skin-tight bike shorts — drawing a tide of racy responses including fire, heart and eggplant emojis — and have since been wrestling over how to address it with the hunky anchor.

“Disney is a family-friendly business. His Instagram has ABC News all over it,” the source said. “A journalist should report the news, not be the news. I don’t know how they could expect audiences to take him seriously.”

One well-placed insider told The Post that ABC News president Kim Godwin paved the way for the ruckus in March 2023 by laying off the Disney-owned network’s highest ranking talent executives — who normally would police staffers’ social media and handle other grievances — and failing to replace them.

The images of the chiseled Morgan, which have reportedly led his colleagues to dub the 45-year-old avid biker “DeYummy,” are a distraction, the source said, adding that one photo “literally” shows the anchor’s “whole package.”

Neither ABC News nor DeMarco responded to requests for comment.

Sources said that central to the problem is Godwin, who resigned earlier this month amid a series of missteps, including bungling the T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach scandal, as well as the firing of weatherman Rob Marciano.

Last March, Godwin laid off Galen Gordon, a senior vice president of talent strategy and development and Mary Noonan, the vice president of talent strategy and development, as part of a larger purge at the network.

In addition to monitoring the on-air staffers’ social media by adhering to the network’s code of conduct, they are the go-to people for talent. This includes meeting with their agents, coordinating appearances and providing feedback on their work.

Godwin did not replace them — which “shocked” her new boss Debra OConnell, and instead put the division under executive vice president Derek Medina, who sources say is more of a yes-man than a strong leader.

“How do you lay off the leaders of a division and then have no plan to take care of them [the talent]?,” the source said. “They are the bread and butter of news.”

The insider said Medina is called the “turtle” in the halls of ABC News, thanks to his non-confrontational leadership style.

“It’s all under Derek Medina. That’s why people call him turtle,” the source said. “He’s never around or capable when it’s time to lead.”

With Godwin out — ABC News is giving her a send off Thursday night at the Empire Hotel rooftop on the Upper West Side — OConnell is in the process of “cleaning up” the mess that Godwin left, which includes getting rid of some of the former president’s lackeys and ineffectual hires.

As for Morgan, his popularity appears to be going through the roof, as his social media fans have flooded his Instagram with many fawning over the host’s ripped physique.

One slideshow showing Morgan wearing a bike helmet, pale green cycling T-shirt and moss-colored Spandex shorts has gotten over 9,500 likes.

“Sir, we can see your… NVM [nevermind], great pics!,” wrote one Instagram user.

“He knows,” replied another.

“Son! U just showing thangs!,” wrote another fan.

“A complete package,” another deadpanned.

Y'all better leave BeMarco and his big salami alone.

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