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Halle Bailey Gets Emotional Explaining Why She Kept Her Pregnancy Secret

Halle Bailey revealed why she kept her pregnancy a secret while accepting an award at the ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards.

via People:

During her acceptance speech, Bailey reflected on her career and the birth of her son Halo, whom she quietly welcomed last year.

"We are Black women in entertainment, and although we signed up for the challenges of the spotlight, in this current climate, that spotlight burns brighter, hotter, and uninterrupted, whereas the scrutiny of its magnification leaves no concealment," she told the room.

"I've learned from that spotlight over the past eight years. I've also, if I'm being honest, been burned by it, too, as we all have," she said, referencing the racist backlash she faced following the announcement she'd been cast as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

The role changed her life, but, she continued, "it cannot compare to the biggest joy of my life. And that was becoming a mom to my perfect little angel Halo." The star became tearful as she explained why she chose to keep her pregnancy private, a decision that came from "a place of protection."

"There was no way in hell I was going to share the biggest joy of my world with anyone. Halo was my gift. He is the greatest blessing, and I had no obligation to expose him, me, or my family to that," she shared.

She opted for privacy during her pregnancy in part due to "the state of the world."

"With the state of the world and the place it is in with men trying to force their will on our bodies, no one on social media, and for damn sure, no one on the planet, was going to tell me what to do with my body or what to share with the world," she said.

Last year the "Do It" singer kept quiet about her pregnancy with boyfriend DDG until announcing the birth of their first baby in an Instagram post in January. During her Essence speech she said she was supported in her decision and inspired by "some of the strong women in my life."

"Do y'all remember when Prince Z David Marley [Zion David Marley], who came from a queen named Lauryn Hill, entered the world? Do you remember how private Beyoncé was about her pregnancy? We have that right," she said. "Every woman in the world has that right to choose what to do with their bodies and what to share with anyone or everyone."

Wiping away tears as she spoke, the star ended her remarks with words of gratitude. "So thank you. Thank you to some of the strong women in my life, like my beautiful sisters standing here on the stage with me for setting examples in resilience, confidence, and independence," she said.

Bailey was presented with the award by her sister Chloe Bailey, who told PEOPLE last month, "Halle's the best mom ever."

"She's the best mom. I'm in love, and I feel like he's my baby sometimes," said Chloe.

At this point I feel like Halle is overexplaining herself. I could have sworn we moved on from this already?

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