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Halle Bailey Opens Up About Keeping Pregnancy A Secret

The actress recently welcomed her first baby, son Halo

via: People

After welcoming her son Halo back in December, some fans were wondering why the Little Mermaid actress, 23, chose to keep her pregnancy off social media. In a Q&A on her Snapchat that was reposted to YouTube by Thevoice4dappl REACTS, the star opened up about her decision.

Thanking her fans for their support, Bailey said that she "really, really appreciates people like you who are so kind and understanding, especially of me wanting to wait to share something this sacred and beautiful. I just wanted to make sure I had a beautiful, private healthy time in my journey."

Answering another supporter who asked if the press and paparazzi were stressful during her pregnancy, the star said that they were a "little bit."

"Honestly I stayed off of all social media. I really tried to just keep myself sane and I know that there was a lot of people who would always comment and be like, 'We know girl, we know.' And I'm like, 'OK, that's great that you know, but I'm just going to chill.'"

Later in the Q&A, Bailey was asked how she had the energy to do red carpets and photo shoots while pregnant.

"I think for me, I just realized I think it was helpful for me to be able to still be working and have something to promote, like the beautiful film I was a part of," she said, referencing her movie, The Color Purple.

"Things like that, it just helps my brain and to feel sane. Because there's a lot of emotional vulnerability that you experience going through all of that."

Bailey welcomed her son Halo in December, whom she shares with boyfriend DDG.

Earlier this month, the singer and actress shared a video on Instagram from her underwater maternity shoot. In the video, Bailey wore a two-piece, flowy set that accentuated her bump.

Moving throughout the water, Bailey switched between holding her belly and posing with her arms up in the purple-tinged photoshoot.

"🧜🏽‍♀️missing my belly already 💜but i obviously had to do underwater pics 😉," she wrote in her caption.

That same month, the newly minted mom posted a photo on her Snapchat, getting candid about her body after welcoming her first baby. In the photo, the actress wore a nude bra and black shorts pulled up to her belly button.

"So this is me rn and i've letting my body heal haven't really started working out yet but i'll show you my goal ❤️," Bailey wrote across the photo.

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