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Halloween Update: Miramax Shopping Halloween Franchise Rights For Film And TV

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A year after David Gordon Green's Halloween Ends divided horror movie fans, it looks like Miramax is looking to shop their iconic franchise to another studio.

According to Bloody Disgusting, there is a massive bidding war going on right now, with several different parties interested and vying for the chance to bring Michael Myers back to life.

Bloody Disgusting’s sources have also indicated that Miramax is open to both film and television projects, A24 and Miramax are the two main parties currently in battle for TV rights and that A24 is currently leading the charge.

As you might recall, A24 recently won the rights to produce a “Friday the 13th” television series and it’s being made for the Universal-owned Peacock. It’s titled “Crystal Lake.”

Everything is on the table at this time, and it’s ultimately up to Miramax to field pitches and decide what is most appealing to them in the wake of Gordon Green’s sequel trilogy.

As a fan of Halloween I have three ideas. One, I would love if they did a Michael Myers film where they use Michael, but have him stalk and kill a new crop of kids.

Two, I'd love a proper sequel to Halloween 4 with Danielle Harris' Jamie Lloyd taking center stage three decades later. They can also bring back her adopted sister Rachel and have her be the new sherriff of Haddonfield, since Rachel deserves better after that horrible fifth film.

And three, if they plan to go the TV route, I'd love for them to take more of a Season of the Witch approach and do Halloween more as an anthology series to be released every October. I personally can't see a series centered around Michael Myers working a la Chucky.

Oh, and please no more stories centered around Laurie Strode. Her character has been used to death.

I've got my fingers crossed that Paramount wins the bidding war, since they've done a phenomenal job with the last two Scream films, A Quiet Place sequels and Smile. So since Paramount is building their horror division (which will be run by former DC Films head Walter Hamada), that's where I would like the Halloween rights to end up.

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