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Hip Hop Colonizer DJ Vlad Slammed for Threatening to Report Princeton Professor Who Said Drake and Kendrick Beef Is ‘Black Folk Affair’

DJ Vlad has come under fire after he decided to pull a Karen move by threatening to have a Princeton professor fired from her job following a disagreement over the heated rap battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

The personality took to Twitter/X to weigh in on Kendrick Lamar’s new Drake diss, “Not Like Us.” He made a comment about the mix, suggesting it could use some improvement. Morgan Jerkins, an author, editor, professor at Princeton University, and niece of Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins then replied, urging him to stay out of the viral conversation. “You are WHITE,” she wrote. “This is a BLACK FOLK AFFAIR.”

Vlad didn’t take kindly to the remark and quickly fired back. “Wait, so a professor at @Princeton is telling me that a white person shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinion about Hip-Hop? Is that how you interact with your students?” he then asked. “What I’m saying is that you put your opinion in a discussion that’s not needed. This conversation is and should center Black people, not you,” she responded.

Unfortunately, things only escalated from there. “Don’t try to change your words now,” he then wrote. “I’ll be reaching out to @princeton about this on Monday.” They continued to go back and forth, with Vlad later threatening to get the remark put on her “permanent record,” and seemingly threatening her job. Countless social media users are now weighing in on the exchange, with many arguing that he went too far. Content creator @colorfullstory, who goes by @cfstory on TikTok, shared her take on the debacle which has since gone viral on X. “Pay attention and watch whiteness work,” she wrote earlier today. “DJ Vlad was told this is a Black Folk Affair and his immediate response was to try to get a Black Woman fired because this was a space for Black people about Black people and him being told this isn’t for him means she needs to be fired.”

Comedian Kevin Fredericks, or KevOnStage, also had a similar take. “Vlad is whack for a myriad of reasons,” he explained. “But in this you can tell he saw a Black woman and a predominantly white university and tried to use his whiteness against her. DISGUSTING.”

On Monday, Vlad once again attempted to explain his position. “I never had any intention of filing a complaint to Princeton for former professor Morgan Jerkins saying that white people aren’t allowed to comment on Kendrick Lamar’s music,” he wrote.

He continued, “She trolled me and I trolled back. At the end of the day, it created an interesting discussion about race relations in America. I will be discussing it further in my future interviews.”

Jenkins fired back, saying he tagged her employer “with the intention to professionally harm me.” She added, “I centered Black people in a discussion on hip-hop and told him to stand down bc it’s not his space.” She also told him to stop reaching out to her family.

Vlad wasn’t done clapping back, responding to further criticisms of going against a Black woman.

This is what happens when you let culture vultures like Vlad infiltrate our spaces for profit. I personally don't have issues with white people who are fans of hip hop speaking about rap beefs. However I've never liked Vlad, because he's always given colonizer teas rather than ally teas.

Even though he has his issues, black celebrities should stop going on DJ Vlad's tired platform, and go on Club Shay Shay.

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