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Ice-T Says Lenny Kravitz’s Nine Years of Celibacy Is ‘Weirdo Sh*t’

Lenny Kravitz has been celibate for almost a decade and Ice-T does not approve.

via: Complex

In a since-deleted tweet, which caught some criticism from those who believed the Bodycount musician and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor was “judging” Kravitz, Ice-T responded to an article about the celibacy “journey” and made it clear he’s not on the same page.

“9yrs without sex? F that BS. Weirdo shit,” he wrote, per TMZ.

While he’s since deleted the tweet, he’s also doubled down in various responses to fans questioning why he said what he said. “That’s wrong Ice! He’s not weird. That’s his own journey,” wrote a fan, to which Ice-T, 66, replied, “F that journey…. lol.”

He also cautioned any followers to go elsewhere if they disagreed.

“Hey…. if you’re a guy and you can voluntarily go 9yrs without sex… you’re following the wrong page,” he wrote.

“Why judge him though? It’s his choice. He’s different to you,” wrote another fan. “I don’t think it’s fair to assume something is wrong with him just because he’s chosen to be celibate for a long period. I think there are many humans who can & do abstain for long periods for various reasons. Choice.”

In a blunt response, Ice-T wrote, “Shit’s Weird to me….. I love to Fuck. A lot.

Shortly after Kravitz’s 60th birthday this month, the Grammy-winning artist spoke with The Guardian about where he’s at these days and suggested that he made the decision to remain celibate until he’s married again. He said it’s been nine years since he was last in a serious relationship.

“It’s a spiritual thing,” he said.

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