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Issa Rae Calls Out Warner Bros For Continuing To Protect Flash Star Ezra Miller

Issa Rae, best known for her hit HBO series Insecure, is letting it be known that doesn't appreciate Hollywood continuing to protect predators like Ezra Miller, who's is the star of their upcoming Flash movie.

via Uproxx:

Issa Rae might have a multi-million dollar deal with WarnerMedia that includes her current hit series, Rap Sh!t, but that’s not about to stop her from calling out its newly-formed parent company for protecting Ezra Miller. For most of the year, The Flash star has been the subject of numerous headlines following a series of arrests and reports of allegedly disturbing behavior. However, that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. Discovery from continuing to move forward with the film because it’s tested well with audiences.

Miller has offered up a mea culpa and reportedly entered treatment, but Rae is not a fan of the message that the situation sends to women. Via Elle:

It starts with a backbone. While I don’t support people jumping to immediate conclusions and I think it’s entirely fair for investigations to happen, I think it’s extremely important to, like the mantra says, ‘Listen to women.’ I’m gonna be real, the stuff that’s happening with Ezra Miller is, to me, a microcosm of Hollywood. There’s this person who’s a repeat offender, who’s been behaving atrociously, and as opposed to shutting them down and shutting the production down, there’s an effort to save the movie and them. That is a clear example of the lengths that Hollywood will go to to save itself and to protect offenders.

Rae’s comments were part of a larger discussion on the #MeToo movement, to which she offered a simple solution: Stop protecting offenders like Miller.

“So, don’t do that, and women may be able to thrive,” Rae said. “They won’t have to live in fear of keeping silent because it’ll ruin their careers. It’s just a constant pattern of abuse that’ll only persist if Hollywood continues to insist on being this way.”

I have to say I agree with Issa. I get that Warner Bros spent around $300 million on the film, and you've been spending more money sneaking Ezra in for reshoots. However, not addressing the controversy that's been surrounding Ezra is very telling.

They're thinking we the media are the only ones paying attention to the story surrounding Ezra, but not the general public. I just hope that whatever the outcome of this film, they decide to recast the Flash in future sequels, because continuing to keep Ezra on retainer is a huge risk.

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