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It's Official! Teyana Taylor To Play Dionne Warwick In Upcoming Biopic

Taylor announced last year that she was attached to the film and was already in close contact with her musical hero.

In an Instagram post, producer Damon Elliot shared that the upcoming film has now been funded and has a shoot day set. In a separate post sharing the news, Taylor expressed her excitement over the new development and thanked Warwick for trusting her to bring her story to life.

“And just like that.. 2020MORE Blessings! Ms. Dionne Warwick… A woman of great statue, poise and elegance, with a fiery spirit — Realizing I was looking at my future self. My reflection without a mirror,” she captioned. “Being able to learn and study from one of the greats like, @therealdionnew has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and the woman I am today. She has taught us to be proud of who you are…. —Don’t Make Me Over. @therealdionnew Your music and social involvement has enhanced the culture.”

She continued:

Your soul and artistry serves as an example of not only resilience and strength, but of faith and purpose. Thank you for trusting me, @coco_gilbert And our production company @theauntiesinc with telling your iconic story! We are so excited to make you proud! Shout out to @iamdamonelliott it’s GO TIMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It’s been a long time coming!!!

In a short and sweet tweet on X/Twitter, Dionee wrote: “Very exciting news! Any guesses on the rest of the cast?”

And you know what? That’s a question for the ages because Warwick has worked with some of the biggest music stars in the country. Who’s going to play Luther Vandross? Who’s going to play Gladys Knight? Who’s going to play Stevie Wonder?

Casting speculation is probably futile, but we all can dream. Could this also be Taylor’s Oscar vehicle? Time will tell.

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