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Jacob Elordi is The Latest Star Whose Likeness is Exploited in An Explicit Deepfake Video

Saltburn actor Jacob Elordi has become the latest celebrity victim of non-consensual, deepfake pornography.

via: EW

A post featuring an explicit video of a person masturbating — which had the Euphoria and Saltburn actor’s face digitally superimposed upon the figure — circulated on X (formerly Twitter) beginning on Monday night. The post has since been removed by X with a message saying “This Post violated the X Rules.”

Posts containing the video were viewed over 3 million times before their eventual removal, NBC News reported. The outlet and numerous social media users noted that the person in the video could not have been Elordi due to their lack of his distinctive birthmarks.

Additionally, X user @mentallyillgus, who is a content creator on the explicit content platform OnlyFans, claimed that he is the person from the original video — and that he was only 17 years old when he made it, which makes its circulation even more legally and morally dubious. The user said that he’s “just trying to ignore it” despite a multitude of other users tagging him in responses to the deepfake video. “that's literally my video lmao deep fake is getting creepy,” he wrote.

Reps for Elordi did not immediately respond to Entertainment Weekly’s request for comment.

Elordi is far from the first celebrity to have their likeness nonconsensually exploited for explicit content. Sexually explicit deepfake images of Taylor Swift also went viral on X in January, accruing over 27 million views before their removal.

Other actors have criticized the proliferation of deepfake content, including Hacks’ Jean Smart, who told EW, “I don't want to be in a year 3000 porn” in 2022.

Social media users were quick to call out the unethical content, noting that “porn of celebrities is wrong… regardless of gender” and that they “hope Jacob elordi sues” whoever made the deepfake video in the first place.

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