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Jada Pinkett Smith Compared To Slimmed Down Fat Joe & Pitbull In New Selfie

Will Smith's favorite STUD is trending yet again on social media, and not for annoying us with another tired tale about her personal life.

The actress was deemed nearly unrecognizable on Jan. 2 when she posted a selfie that had plenty of people doing a double take to ensure their eyes were not playing tricks on them.

The small-statured celebrity was photographed dressed in a white sweat suit, denim leg warmers, and a brown and cream printed puffer jacket. “I think jean leg warmers is where it’s at for me in 2024” she wrote in the caption.

The “Matrix Reloaded” actress has limited comments on her Instagram posts, but that did not stop the onslaught of jokes from showing up elsewhere on the platform and Twitter.

 When the image was reshared by The Shade Room, one user commented, “So we all agree none of us thought this was Jada at first glance ?” A slew of others, however, not only acknowledged that Pinkett Smith didn’t quite look like herself but also stated that, at first glance, she shared a resemblance with several other well-known men in the spotlight.

“I seriously thought Fat Joe got ahold to that ozempic,” tweeted an individual. More than a few people shared the same thought, as proven by another who wrote, “Thought she was finna lean back for a sec.” The latter being a reference to Fat Joe’s 2004 record “Lean Back.”

Another observer posted, “Thought this was Pitbull for a second,” while countless others joked that “Red Table Talk” creator and host was easily mistaken for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. At least one person found a way to incorporate a joke about her late dear friend Tupac. They wrote, “She Think She Tupac Now.”

For months, the “Worthy” author faced criticism for speaking about the rapper in her memoir and while on her press tour. Fans and a few hip-hop figures especially took issue with the actress passionately speaking about her deep love and reverence for the connection she has with Tupac.

Amid the backlash for the book is expressed vitriol from those who feel her admission of being separated from Will Smith for seven years, details about her entanglement, and road back to unity with her husband has been information overload.

And despite being blamed for Smith’s outburst at the 2022 Oscars, she has deemed the “holy slap” as the catalyst for the couple of 25 years renewing their relationship to each other.

I must say I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought she looked like Fat Joe after his last Ozempic treatment, because he immediately popped in my head the second I saw this selfie on social media.

I saw other people saying she looked like Pitbull as well, but he didn't immediately come to mind. Probably because I've been seeing Joey in the news moreso than Armando.

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