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Jameela Jamil Slams Hollywood Hypocrites For Celebrating Karl Lagerfeld At Met Gala

Actorvist Jammela Jamil is calling out the fashion industry over their selective outrage regarding cancel culture, and celebrating problematic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

“Last night Hollywood and fashion said the quiet part out loud when a lot of famous feminists chose to celebrate at the highest level, a man who was so publicly cruel to women, to fat people, to immigrants and to sexual assault survivors,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “And all the women’s publications, and spectators online, chose to gleefully ignore it.”

Jamil, known for starring roles in the Disney+ series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” and the NBC sitcom “The Good Place,” wrote in her caption that her post isn’t about cancel culture or Karl but about “showing how selective cancel culture is within liberal politics.”

“It’s about showing why people don’t trust liberals,” she said. “Because of slippery tactics and double standards like this.”

Several notable faces were missing from the Met Gala, including Blake Lively, Zendaya, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Hailey Bieber, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet.

When Lagerfeld was first announced as the Met Gala theme in September, Jamil posted textual evidence of Lagerfeld making controversial comments about the #MeToo movement, body image, weight and more.

Among Lagerfeld’s most glaring comments:

  • Of sexual-assault survivors and the #MeToo movement, he said in 2018: “If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model! Join a nunnery, there’ll always be a place for you in the convent. They’re recruiting, even!”

  • In 2017, on the Holocaust and an open-border policy of Germany for Syrians, he said: “One cannot — even if there are decades between them — kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place.”

  • In 2010, he photographed model Claudia Schiffer in blackface with an Afro wig.

  • In 2009, he told the German magazine Focus regarding runway models, “No one wants to see curvy women.”

“We had a year to course correct here, and not award the highest honor possible to a known bigot… and everyone just decided all of a sudden we can separate the art from the artist when *convenient*,” Jamil said Tuesday. “It’s one rule for us, and another rule for everybody else. Last night we relinquished our right to be taken at all seriously about anything important.”

Jamil also called out the general public as well as Hollywood for going along with the celebration of Lagerfeld.

While I was living for a lot of the fashions, and I appreciated the fact that the men stepped their fashion pussies up, I do not understand why the Met would honor someone who was a bigot towards plus sized women, the #MeToo movement, gays adopting children etc. Then again, the industry as a whole tends to have a short term memory when it comes to problematic behavior.

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